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Passing Down sacred knowledge
I believe the knowledge passed from one generation of oboists to the next is sacred knowledge that should be shared without reservation. It's my turn to pass on what I've learned, and I'm happy for this opportunity to share with you now.

Some people might call what I've put together a "warm-up routine" but it's far more powerful than that. It's a simple progression of exercises that naturally encompass all aspects of playing the oboe... that's how, when you play through this lesson guide step-by-step, all aspects of your playing will improve naturally and without any extra effort on your part!

If you're tired of wasting hours in a practice room, I CHALLENGE YOU to follow this simple guide for 15 to 30 minutes each day for one week. I promise you that it will be time very well spent!

What I Want To Share With You:
Secret #1: You Already Know What To Do
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Secret #2: Why Keeping Things Simple Is Key
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Rubbra Oboe Sonata - Mvt 1
Poulenc Trio - Mvt 1
Mozart Piano Quintet - Mvt 2
Hey there! I'm Chris Gaudi and for the past 15 years I've had the great privilege of performing with a number of orchestras across the United States and around the world.

I've served as the Acting Associate Principal Oboe of the San Francisco Symphony, the Acting Assistant Principal Oboe of the National Symphony Orchestra, as interim Professor of Oboe at the University of Indiana Bloomington Jacob School of Music, Principal Oboe in the San Diego Symphony, Guest Principal Oboe with the Aspen Chamber Orchestra, the Atlanta, Seattle, and Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestras, and I've been a frequent substitute with the Metropolitan Opera. I've also performed with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and for multiple events at The White House.

I've participated in numerous festivals including Aspen, Kent/Blossom, Mainly Mozart, Spoleto (Italy), the New York String Orchestra Seminar, and the Interlochen Arts Camp, and have presented master classes at The Aspen Music Festival, The Colburn School, Interlochen, and at the Hidden Valley Music Seminars.

As a student of Elaine Douvas and John Mack, I received both my Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from The Juilliard School. 
What People Are Saying:
"I really loved how you took one concept, (sustaining a long musical line) and described it to me in multiple ways until I started to grasp what you were saying. I really liked that you weren't satisfied until you could tell that I understood a concept you were teaching me, it showed that you actually cared if I retained the information or not. At the very end of the lesson, you gave me very specific things to work on in the future to reach my full potential, and that was super helpful!"
- Bobby Nunes
"I really enjoyed studying with Mr. Gaudi. His advice is very insightful and encouraging. One of the main things I took away from our lessons together was how to better look at the big picture. Mr. Gaudi showed me how to take the music off the page and make it sing. I had been so bogged-down with tiny details, it was like a rediscovery of my love for music. I've noticed that Mr. Gaudi is very good at tailoring advice based on each student's individual challenges."
- Daniel Gurevich
"Studying with Chris has provided me with comprehensive support as an oboist. His reed making, lessons and musical coaching have taken my oboe playing and musicianship to a higher level in a very short time. As an inspiring orchestral and solo oboist, Chris has supported my endeavor in the lineage I am accustom to. From the basics to the refined result, He gracefully guides you there. I chose Chris as a teacher after reading his Blog and comparing him to other professional Oboists because I sensed that he was open-minded and eager to share his knowledge and I was right!"
- Bonnie Williamson
"Chris is a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of oboe playing and reedmaking. He has corrected the way I utilize my air, embouchure, and tongue so that I can play with a more focused tone and smoothness of line. Though these are fundamental aspects of playing well, I had developed bad habits that were overlooked by former teachers. I made immediate progress with Chris in this regard, and less than a year of studying with him, I auditioned for and was accepted to a MM program at a competitive conservatory. In addition, Chris's sincerity and patience as a teacher make for a comfortable learning environment."
- Virginia K.
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